Līga Purmale (b. 1948)  brilliantly entered the Latvian art scene in the mid-70s. Life style and creativity activities of Liga Purmale challenged accepted norms of public behavior. Her life and art were exceptional example of counterculture. Liga Purmale is one of the  founders of  Photo Realism in Latvian painting. Exhibition in 1974 clearly defined her attempt to achieve in painting such a degree of reality that exceeds the potential of an accurate photograph .

Cultivating and developing Photo Realist principles, Līga Purmale has created an individual expressive style and particular conception of landscape. Painterly, subtle “portrayals” of both natural and urban scenes, balanced compositions of colour and light typify Līga Purmale as one of the leading painters of her generation.
Liga Purmale was nominated at The Sovereign European Art Prize 2009-2010. Her painting "Saturday night movie" was sold in Sotheby`s in 2009.

Līga Purmale’s works are included in the Public collections of The Nacional Museum of Art (Riga), The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rugers University (USA).