Biruta DELLE (b.1944)
1964 - 1967 Studied at the Latvian State Academy of Art.
Since 1967 She participates in exhibitions . 
Since 1975 Biruta Delle is a member of the Latvian Artists’ Union.

Biruta Delle works in oil, paints landscapes, portraits and figurative compositions. Paintings usually groups on cycles. Paints filled by mood and emotions landscapes, bordered by chestnuts streets of Pardaugava, court yards, houses, roofs, trees, and as well landscapes of sea filled by the sun. In figurative compositions develops philosophical questions. To works are characteristic games of light and shade, deformation of the image and the stretched shadows which give to compositions mysterious, fantastic and even drama and tragically moods. In works of the artist the great value has a plot, the ciphered context and subtexts.