Born in 1966 at Moscow

1982-1986 studied in Moscow art high school (former Stroganov)

Member of artist group "Чемпионы миpа" ("World chempions")

Lives and works in Moscow

Selected personal exhibitions

2008 The Unevil Empire. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2006 Capitalist realism. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2004 Conceptualism With a Human Face. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2001 Untitled. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1999 Latyshev. Düsseldorf, Germany

1997 Latyshev. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1996 Latyshev. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1995 Latyshev. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1993 Latyshev. Galerie Berndt, Cologne, Germany

Selected group exhibitions:

2007 Kandinsky Prize. Exhibition of the Nominees. Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia. CATALOGUE
          XV лет. Aidan gallery. Moscow, Russia
          Learning from Moscow. Städtische Galerie Dresden (Dresden City Art Gallery). Dresden, Germany

2006 ARTFIELD Technology. Zelenograd, Russia

2005 ARTFIELD, open-air exhibition, Moscow, Russia

1999 The Motherland or Death. Zverev's Center, Moscow, Russia

1997 Everything Goes on. Düsseldorf, Germany

1994 Made in the Madhouse. Galerie Berndt, Cologne, Germany

1992 Diaspora. Moscow, Russia (catalogue)
          Infinitely. Bonn, Germany (catalogue)
          Moscow …Moscow…. Rome, Italy (catalogue)
          The Big Art Exhibition of the Northern Rhine Westphalia. Düsseldorf, Germany (catalogue)

1991 The First Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
          Champions of the World. The Retrospective show, Art museum, Finland (catalogue)
          Moscow, Leningrad, Tiflis. New theatre, museum of contemporary art, Anjou, France

1990 Small Art from Eastern Europe. Exhibition hall in Rotterdam (catalogue)
          East - West. New school Montparnas, Paris, France
          Space Transit. Strasbourg, European Council

1989 Before to 33. The palace of youth, Moscow, Russia
          Aerobatics or the Great Rest. Latyshev and Lidermann. The museum of the academy of arts, Warsaw, Poland (Catalogue)
          Other Art. CLAVA, Moscow, Russia
          The Maximum Achievement – the Big Vacation. Latyshev and Lidermann, Warsaw, Poland (Catalogue)
          Champions of the World – a retrospective show. Moscow, Russia
          From Rauschenberg to us, from us to Rauschenberg. The First Gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)
          Small Works. The First Gallery, Moscow, Russia
          Labyrinth. Hauswedel and Nolte, Hamburg, Germany
          Champions of the World. Gallery Bernarda Felli, Paris, France (catalogue)
          Champions of the World. Stevenson's Gallery, San Diego, USA

1988 Festival Assa. Moscow, Russia
          CLAVA. Exhibition in the Sandunovskie baths, Moscow, Russia
          CLAVA. Moscow, Russia
          Labyrinth. Moscow - Warsaw - Moscow

1986 Jordano Bruno. D. Vrubel's studio, Moscow, Russia
          Clubs of avant guarde (“CLAVA“). Moscow, Russia
          Cubism. D. Vrubel's studio, Moscow, Russia