Born in 1965 in USSR, Moscow.

Studied at Moscow's Krasnopresenskaya Visual Arts Institute.

1986-1988 Team member of the "World champions" group (Gija Abramishvili, Konstantin Latyshev, Andrey Jahnin).

1988 Honorary chairman of Club of Avant-gardists (KlAva)

The participant of Workshops at the Furmannom a lane and at the Chistiye pounds.

The participant of art movement « Lip-synched Deep Purple».

Lives and works in Moscow


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2009 “Internal ornament”. "The Paperworks" Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2006 “Gossip of deaf with the moron”. “The VP Studio” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2004 “Wooden tango” . “ The VP Studio” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2003 “The plywood guitar self-instruction manual” (common with A.Petrelli and A.Kuznetsovym).

          “The Street O.G.I.” Club, Moscow, Russia.

1990 “The Gray” .”The First” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

 2009 “The show must go on”. “The GMG” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

“The frozen bear or Russian History as the Global Rebus”. “ The Kunsthalle Den Helder”, Netherlands.

2007 “The Woes of Wit”. “The State Literary Museum”, Moscow, Russia.

“The future depends on you”. “The Museum of Modern art”, Moscow, Russia.

2006 The last romanticists of the Soviet Union”. “The Zverev`s Centre of the modern art”, Moscow, Russia.

2005 “Accomplices”.”The Tretyakov” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

         “ArtKlyazma”. Kljazminsky water basin, Moscow Region, Russia.

2004  “ArtKlyazma”. Kljazminsky water basin, Moscow Region, Russia.

2003-2004 “New readout. Digital Russia” (as a team member of the “POTS” group). “The Central House of Artist”, Moscow, Russia.

1998 “The native land”. “The Repin's House-museum” (Branch of the Samara region art museum), Shirjaevo village, Samara region, Russia.

1995  “The dry water”. “The Bakhchsarai palace-museum”, Bakhchisarai, Crimea, Ukraine

1990   "8 Young Art Workers from Moscow" Dampzentrale, Bern, Switzerland

1989  "Up to 33" Youth Palace, Moscow

           "Dialog" Centre Boris Vian, Paris, France

           "Furmanny Zaulek" Warsaw, Poland

1988  "The Avant-Gardists Club 2d presentation" Vostochnaya, Moscow

           "An Avant-Gardists Club presentation" Sanduni Baths, Moscow

           "Labyrinth - Moscow non-figurative Artists presentation". Manezh, Moscow / subsequently shown in Poland & W. Germany

           "Eidos - 18th presentation of Young Moscow Artists" Youth Palace, Moscow

1987  "Giordana Bruno" D. Vrubel's apartment, Moscow

           "The Avant-Gardists Club 1st presentation" Vostochnaya, Moscow

           "In Hell - an Avant-Gardists Club itinerant presentation" Tsaritsino, Moscow
BORIS MATROSOV. Maradona. World champions. 1987.

BORIS MATROSOV. Interior fragment of room for hanged. 1989.