RIGA GALLERY project at the exhibition ART MOSCOW 2005

24.05.2005. - 29.05.2005.

RIGA GALLERY and the artists Gints Gabrāns are back from the 9th International Contemporary Art Fair ART MOSCOW 2005.

International Art Fair ART MOSCOW offers a notable art program of international reputation. International seminars are included in its program each year. The number of participants is limited by the decision of an international jury. Noted art curators are among experts, like curators of the Russian exposition at the Venice Biennial – Josif Bakstein (editor-in-chief and publisher of the journal “Khudozhestvennaya zhizn”), Ekaterina Degot (Moscow), Marat Guelman (Moscow), Hans Knoll (Vienna), Volker Diehl (Berlin) and other well known art curators.
This year the exhibition program contained:
Sankpetersburg artists' project "Piterskiye" (organized by Marat Guelman gallery),
Videoart project "Comedy of Opinions" (curator Ekaterina Degot),
David Ter-Oganian's project "Suspicious Persons",
Moscow Collector's Club project "Contemporary Art in Private Collections" ect.

RIGA GALLERY exposition included 45 works. The works were presented by such artists as - Gints Gabrāns, Ilmārs Blumbergs, Leonards Laganovskis, Kristaps Ģelzis, Ieva Iltnere, Ritums Ivanovs, Frančeska Kirke, Līga Purmale, Barbara Gaile, Māris Bišofs.

Gints Gabrāns’ video installation “How to Get on TV Screen” is a latest version of project “Starix”. It is an intelligent multi-layered work, which investigates the power of media. Using the media’s own strategies it reveals the emptiness of the pretended values of consumer society.
In the Starix project, a homeless person from Riga is turned into well-groomed urban dandy pursuing a range of social and cultural activities getting in the media and on TV, but his appearance in the media becomes an object of analysis for experts, which, in turn, builds the next layer of the project.

Leonards Laganovskis’ series of drawings „Lecterns” was made during period 1988 – 2004. The artist shows research of delicate relationships of rule and society. The drawings are like notes of rule which has existed always – in both private and social sphere, between a man and a woman, between the human and an animal. The artist uses socialy political look to the idea how to make more comfortable and more suitable such as untraditional objects as tribunes.

There were shown the drawings by Ilmārs Blumbergs in the exhibition. These drawings had been a part of artists' solo exhibition „A Prayer for Seeing” at Oratorio San Ludovico in Venice, which received the Great Prize of the Year 2004 of the Artists’ Union of Latvia.

The exhibition also included Frančeska Kirke’ artworks from series „Mask”, Ieva Iltnere’ paintings „After Man Ray” and „Aura”, which are continuing Man Ray theme, Līga Purmale’ small size series „Saturday Evening Cinema”, Barbara Gaile’ works from her solo exhibition in RIGA GALLERY. Kristaps Ģelzis was participating with digital prints - continuation of artist’s impressive series “Masks” which demonstrates how to change a personality with a help of a mask. Ritums Ivanovs series “Trade Mark Beauty” continues a theme of beauty and emotions as the consumers’ societie’s equivalent.

RIGA GALLERY project at the exhibition ART MOSCOW 2005

RIGA GALLERY project at the exhibition ART MOSCOW 2005

RIGA GALLERY project at the exhibition ART MOSCOW 2005