17.01.2007. - 10.02.2007.

Pēteris Sidars’ solo exhibition "No Comments" is on view at the Riga Gallery from 17 January to 10 February 2007. The show is based on the installation realised in the hot glue technique on the Gallery 1st floor – a bit of irony and grotesque interpreting typical themes of our time, still the very idea of creativity and movement being the central value.
The hot glue technique allows making different objects that are three-dimensional and at the same time light, soft and transparent regardless of their impressive size. The artist regards the hot glue as a unique synthetic material that “gives a chance to prioritise the material and technological process.”

Pēteris Sidars (1948) has always been interested in the synthesis of different, seemingly incompatible things, in the ability to notice new aspects in various trivial materials: textile, fibre, construction game details, copper wire, fibreglass, peat blocks, hot glue, laminating technology etc. The artist has used all the mentioned means to realise his ideas, crossing borders between different branches of visual arts.
“My works are not intended to convey messages or manifestations, or philosophy; they are not for description or interpretation. My condition of life that I treat as movement coincides with the essence of my works. I try to create joy in my works and to continue the play that has started in my intentions.”

Sidars has graduated from the Textile Art Department of the Latvian Academy of Art. He entered the Latvian art scene in the late 1970s, making brightly coloured tapestries. But gradually he became more and more excited by exploration and experimentation involving other materials. The artist says his work is guided by feeling, “based on liking or disliking. Ideas are born most often when I see some new, unusual material. Form and colour structure are most essential, intellectual notions and associations come later.”

Sidars is well-known not only in Latvia but abroad as well, as he actively participates in various symposia and exhibitions. In 2004 and 2006 the artist took part in the prestigious International Fibre Art Biennials “From Lausanne to Beijing” in China, in 2004 – in the International Tsai-mo Square Cloth Exhibition in Taiwan and the 10th International Lace Biennial in Belgium. The artist has participated in important exhibitions in Japan, Mexico, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Hungary and elsewhere. Sidars has held solo shows in galleries in Switzerland and Germany. In 2003 he received Prize of the Year for inventive, creative and attractive handling of form and material awarded by the Artists’ Union of Latvia for his exhibition “Passions” at the Artists’ Union of Latvia Gallery.

Exhibition supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, “OASIS”, “Schetelig”, “Bumbierkoks” Ltd.
PETERIS SIDARS. Angels without Wings

Angels without Wings

Angels without Wings