11.10.2007. - 03.11.2007.

Maija Tabaka’s solo exhibition Kimono will be on view at Riga Gallery from 11 October 2007, showing 14 new paintings created especially for this event from the year 2004. Kimono is the first solo exhibition after Tabaka’s brilliant retrospection in Latvian National Art Museum in 2004.
The title of exhibition Kimono is derived from the central work titled “Kimono” that symbolises the artist’s passion for exotic and surreal motifs.
The painting “Kimono” (130x110 cm, canvas/oil, 2007) depicts a young woman in a black Japanese silk dress standing near the pond. Kimono is the universal Japanese dress known throughout the world but nevertheless extravagant. Water is the connecting element in this painting; its surface is rough, restless and mysterious. The young woman’s face is contemplative as if she has delved deep in thought. The swimming tortoise looking at the girl enhances the painting’s surreal impression. The viewer asks: who is this girl? Possibly she is some legendary commander of the waters, possibly the mistress of this mysterious creature. Such seemingly incompatible elements are typical of Tabaka’ s style but light, sunny and harmonious mood prevails in this and other latest paintings, differing from earlier works.
Nature is the main protagonist of this exhibition. The artist has chosen water as the central thematic line. Water is a metaphor and both a real and surreal substance. Water is a perpetually changing element that still remains constant. Water symbolises the Universe, eternity, depth and profundity. The subject of each work is complemented with various splendid elements of the artist’s imagination. In the new collection of 12 paintings Tabaka demonstrates her insuperable skill of depicting reality, new models and protagonists appear in paintings as well.

Maija Tabaka is one of the most prominent Latvian artists and has held 14 significant solo exhibitions in Latvia, Russia and Germany. Tabaka has also actively participated in various group exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, The USA and Japan. Tabaka received the scholarship of Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst in West Berlin (1977-78). In 1976 the renowned film director Hercs Franks made a documentary “Maija Tabaka’s Stories”. Among other awards, Tabaka has received the medal and diploma of the Artists’ Union of Latvia for creative achievements in 1974.

Maija Tabaka’s works in significant public collections:

National Art Museum, Riga / Latvia
Artists’ Union of Latvia Museum, Riga / Latvia
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow / Russia
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin / Germany
Ludwig Museum, Cologne / Germany
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick / New Jersey / USA
MAIJA TABAKA. City Madonna

MAIJA TABAKA. Girl and the sea

MAIJA TABAKA. Summer in Pointe Shoes

MAIJA TABAKA. Terracotta Army

MAIJA TABAKA. Feeding of Birds